Sunday, October 3, 2010

Runups & Runoffs

So ya’ll think that the roar of large low-flying aircraft going in and out of the CTA will be the only big noise issue that’s going to impact your quality of life?

Nope, not even close. There’ll be a LOT of noise generated on the ground between flights too!

The culprit is ’static testing’ which is just one of the servicing options that Carpenter & Associates is planning to offer at the proposed ‘Green’ Corporate Center complex. You see, when jet aircraft engines have completed their servicing, they need to be ‘runup’. During a ‘runup’ the aircraft is immobilized and the engines tested at various throttle settings. This is VERY noisy and sound will undoubtedly reverberate up and down the Colorado river corridor and beyond. Don’t you just love how neighborly and ‘Green’ that is?

Now, let’s get to sewage.

Carpenter & Associates estimates that at full capacity up to 43,000 people will be working at the ‘Green’ Corporate Center. Consider this . . . 43,000 people flushing a low flow toilet twice a day will produce 129,000 gallons of water and other ‘material’.

It’s gotta go somewhere. Just how will the ‘Green’ Corporate Center get rid of it?

As far as we know, the ‘Green’ Corporate Center has not filed for or been granted a permit for a wastewater treatment plant sited along the Colorado River.

So, there’s ONLY one option . . . evapotranspiration. Yikes! That’s a big word!!

Here’s how it’s usually accomplished. An on site facility would separate the solids from the liquid. Solids would likely be trucked out (making the pollution someone else’s problem). Then the remaining liquid would be treated with toxic and dangerous chlorine gas (which will have to be trucked in on FM 969 and stored on-site). The partially treated liquid would then be sprayed on open areas within the complex filling the air with a unique perfume.

This would go on regardless of the weather, 24/7/365, rain or shine. Problem is that sunlight is needed to kill the remaining pathogens in the partially treated liquid.

If the sun doesn’t shine and it rains, guess where the runoff of the contaminated liquid will go?

Yup. You guessed it. The Colorado River.

Isn’t being ‘Green’ the coolest thing?

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