Thursday, October 21, 2010

I.E.D. In Bastrop County

Ya’ll know what an ‘I.E.D.’ is, don’t you?

It’s an ‘Improvised Explosive Device,’ a bomb that kills many American service-people every week in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have an ‘I.E.D.’ in Bastrop County that’s a little different.

It’s an ‘Intentional Environmental Disaster’ known as the Central Texas Airport.

Funny thing about the I.E.D. bombs in the Middle East is that soldiers try to disarm them to prevent injury to others.

This isn’t happening with the Bastrop ‘I.E.D.’ . . . no, in fact our ‘leaders’ keep trying to prevent US from disarming the damn thing.

Now why is that?

Maybe because they figure that sacrificing a few Bastrop County citizens for phantom tax and business revenues will be excused as “doing the right thing for Bastrop County”?


It also may be because our elected public officials starting with the United States Senate, and working down through the House of Representatives are afraid of making waves that may upset “States Rights and local control.”

That worked out really well prior to the Civil War, and the following debacle of Reconstruction.

No, any elected official that won’t stand up and provide protection for US citizens when local governance is ruled by corporate interests, isn’t worth the powder it takes to blow up a pissant.

Part of protecting the governed should be sticking their necks out and issuing an order for an Environmental Impact Study on the site of our very own aviation ‘I.E.D.’

But, no they’re too busy getting re-elected to notice the plight of people that don’t own a corporate jet.

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