Wednesday, November 24, 2010

City Council says no

The Bastrop City Council voted a resolution of non-support for Carpenter’s legislative efforts in 2009 the day after his big presentation at the Commissioners Court. Davis McAuley covered this too.

Bastrop City Council says no to private airport proposal
By Davis McAuley
April 14th, 2009

Bastrop, Tx–Austin developer James Carpenter won no Bastrop City Council support Tuesday for his plan to develop a 2,000-acre site west of town for a private general aviation airport and plots for related businesses. In fact the council instructed the city manager to prepare a resolution of non-support for the project, which will be forwarded to the state senator and state representative whose districts include Bastrop County.

The state lawmakers previously indicated they will not support creation of a special municipal utility district for the proposed airport without the endorsement of the city council and county commissioners. That suggests the council’s action Tuesday could doom the project, at least for the current legislative session.

Monday the Bastrop County commissioners held a hearing on the same topic but postponed any action on the issue, pending further public input which has been largely unfavorable so far.

Council Member Dock Jackson said the council action Tuesday came because of too little available information about the airport plan. Other council members voiced similar concerns both before and after a presentation by Carpenter about what he called a “massive economic development project” which could create thousands of well-paid jobs.

“There’s a lot more we need to learn,” said Council Member Julie Hart.

There’s likely too little time left during the present legislative session to work through the complex issues presented by the Carpenter proposal, said Council Member Joe Beal. “We’re hearing this for the first time (tonight),” Beal said Tuesday.

By state law the Legislature will adjourn at the end of May.


Monday hearing

Davis McAuley’s report on Jim Carpenter’s initial presentation to the Commissioners Court on Monday, April 13, 2009 is very informative and well worth a read.

Monday airport hearing yields high drama
By Davis McAuley
April 14th, 2009

Bastop, Tx - Monday’s 7 p.m. hearing before Bastrop County commissioners was a sterling example of how exciting local political theater can be in these parts. The issue was whether the county should endorse a private general aviation airport proposal put forward by James Carpenter of Austin-based Carpenter & Associates. The proposed site is north of the Colorado River across from the new Cedar Creek High School and the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa.

For building dramatic tension and emotion-releasing resolution, I don’t recall such a riveting show in years, though we’ve seen some pretty good dust-ups in that time. Even the famous Austin City Council marathon hearings have seldom matched the intensity and clarity of Monday’s impromptu theater in Bastrop. And it took less than two hours from start to finish.

The protagonist, of course, was Carpenter himself with his ample silvery hair. It’s not clear yet, however, whether he was the hero caught in an unexpected ambush or merely acting bravely in the face of looming disaster. Think, perhaps, of George Armstrong Custer with his flowing locks at the Little Big Horn River. I must stop short, I think, of comparing Bluebonnet General Manager Mark Rose to Crazy Horse or some other Sioux war leader, but by the end of the evening Monday he certainly counted coup on Carpenter.

Here’s the deal. Carpenter & Associates wants the Texas Legislature to created a special municipal utility district (MUD), perhaps with enhanced powers, to aid the creation of the private airport and associated business/industrial park proposed for a 2,000-acre site between the Colorado River and the intersection of FM 969 and FM 1704 southwest of Elgin.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Airport incentives approved

After the signing of the 381 Agreement, Suzannah Gonzales wrote a follow up on the proposed airport - Bastrop commissioners approve incentives for airport. Sometimes folks will say ‘”there’s nothing we can do. It’s a done deal”. Well, that’s just not true. Not only are there legal remedies but as stated in this article, “The airport is far from a done deal — parts of the project still must be approved by the county and federal regulators . . .”. It won’t be easy, but there are plenty of ways we can stop this project in its tracks.

Bastrop airport moves ahead

PR surrounding the signing of the 381 Agreement in the Austin Business Journal.

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CTA waits for County OK

Central Texas Airport waits for County’s OK from March 19, 2010 is basically a love fest between Jim Carpenter, Commissioner Lee Dildy and the Elgin Courier. It could be argued that some of the information presented is misleading to say the least.

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