Saturday, October 2, 2010

Property Rights

What does that phrase mean to the citizens of western Bastrop County near the proposed Central Texas Airport?

It means that the “property rights” of Carpenter & Associates within the 1100 acre proposed Central Texas Airport and ‘Green’ Corporate Center site are superior to the “property rights” of taxpaying property owners in the approximately 22,000 acres of the surrounding Airport Compatibility Zone.

It means that Bastrop County may “take” some of YOUR control over YOUR property to ensure that Carpenter & Associates may have the full measure of THEIR “property rights.”

It means that YOUR property valuation will decrease while Carpenter & Associates reaps the benefits of developing a hayfield into an aviation/industrial boondoggle.

It means that the CTA may pollute YOUR property with noisy low-flying aircraft that will destroy YOUR quality of life.

“Good fences make good neighbors.” However, you can’t fence out noise, air and water pollution, and economic ruin brought to YOU by the CTA.

Demand that the Bastrop County Commissioners Court carry out their responsibility by recognizing and defending YOUR rights before kowtowing to an outsider’s corporate agenda.

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