Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got Answers?

The Court continues to circle the wagons and recite the mantra that there won’t be any cargo traffic or planes as large as a 737 at the proposed Central Texas Airport. Well, PROVE IT!

The following questions are being asked of every member of the Court including the Judge. Since they all voted on the 381 Agreement you’d think they would have the answer at their fingertips. Guess we’ll find out.

Commissioners, please show us EXACTLY where in the 381 Agreement:

1. cargo traffic has been prohibited.

2. aircraft of up to 100 tons - like a 737 for example - have been prohibited from landing at this airport.

We would be happy to move on from this very technical point if the Court can provide a reference to the specific passages in the 381 that unequivocally answer those questions. We want definitive black and white evidence, not a conclusion drawn from inference or extrapolation or wishful thinking.

Sorry, we’re not gonna take it on faith. The stakes are too high.

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