Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ozone Antics

The Commissioners Court ‘follies’ continue to get better and better.

On Monday, 10/25, the Courts agenda included a ‘Discussion and possible action,’ dealing with Bastrop County’s potential nonattainment designation for Ozone standards.

A letter from Judge McDonald addressed to Ms. Margie McAllister of the TCEQ, was touting Bastrop County’s participation in several voluntary pollution reduction programs, such as 1-Hour and 8-Hour Ozone Flex Plans, and The early Action Compact.

The letter continued on to say, “there are few additional things, if any, that Bastrop County could implement to control emissions sources. Reductions in Bastrop County’s Ozone levels will ultimately need to come from a cleaner fleet of cars in the United States and a reduction in transport emissions.”

Now wait a damn minute!

How does putting a huge airport and industrial complex in the Colorado River basin help with Bastrop County’s plans to “control” emissions?

It doesn’t.

It’ll make them worse, much, much worse.

Jet aircraft produce vast amounts of particulate and gas pollutants.

The “Green” industries planned for “Eco-Merge” may produce energy saving devices, but may produce much more pollution and emissions than products of older technology.

Once again, did the Court research what they were supporting before they gave their OK?

Doesn’t look like they did.

It’s obvious that one thing is missing in our Commissioners Court.

An ability to see the big picture and connect the dots of cause and effect . . .

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