Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moore Is Less

The unfortunate debacle today (12/27/10) of Planning and Development Director Moore and Judge McDonald continuing the ’spin’ that the citizens and tax-payers of Bastrop do not deserve a public hearing on the CTA/Eco-Merge fiasco should be considered the low-point on the ‘Democratic’ process in our county.

They would have us believe that Texas Civil Statutes exist which differentiates on what subject matter may be discussed in a public hearing.

Show us, or shut up about it . . . period.

The argument is moot anyway, because when Director Moore placed a restrictive covenant within the 381 Agreement with Carpenter & Associates that will allow the facility to be built and operated in a unsafe manner, this disagreement is no longer about financial or utility concerns, it’s a public safety issue . . . period.

Just ask yourself this: Is a low-flying tax-abatement, water, or wastewater line going to impact your home at 200 MPH?

Of course not.

But a 737 that just sucked ducks or geese into its engines, and is now falling out of the sky will.

Now, when your Bastrop County Commissioners Court tells you that you may not question their decisions in a public hearing upon this issue, they are not acting in the public interest in any form, shape, or fashion, regardless of what their new ‘Mission (of Desperation)’ statement says.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Bastrop County legal team of Dewy, Cheatham, and Howe will come up with to justify the ’spin’ of that ‘August’ body to the public safety issue.

The truth would be nice. . . for a change.

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