Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Talking to the USACE

Selected comments regarding the proposed Central Texas Airport’s permit application to the USACE are posted below. Some of these documents were obtained through a May 11 FOIA request to the USACE. Others were secured independently prior to the FOIA. Only selected documents are posted. A more detailed discussion of the responsive comments is available at USACE FOIA factoids

Texas Parks and Wildlife
City of Bastrop
Bastrop County Commissioners Court

Environmental groups
Environmental Stewardship
Sierra Club letter
Sierra Club resolution

Concerned citizens by location
Cedar Creek 1
Cedar Creek 2
Cedar Creek 3
Cedar Creek 4
Cedar Creek 5
Cedar Creek 6
Cedar Creek 7

Elgin 1
Elgin 2 (USACE)
Elgin 2 (TCEQ)
Elgin 3
Elgin 4
Elgin 5
Elgin 6
Elgin 7

Letters of support
One sentence scribbled on an ECO-Merge letter

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