Tuesday, September 13, 2011


These comments were presented during Citizens’ Comments at the Bastrop County Commissioners Court on September 12.

I’d like to begin by expressing a sincere appreciation for everyone in this county who has stepped up and delivered this past week. You’ve all done an outstanding job. A huge thank you also goes to KXAN for broadcasting the very informative press conferences.

Considering the challenges ahead, the proposed Central Texas Airport is not likely to be a priority item on any agenda for some time to come. So after nearly a year of talking to this Court every second and fourth Monday, I have decided to get out of your way for a little while so you can take care of more pressing business.

I’ll leave you with these thoughts . . .

The Union Chapel fire in western Bastrop County gave those of us living nearby a taste of what life might be like in proximity to the proposed Central Texas Airport. There is no doubt in my mind that if the CTA is built, the area to the west of Highway 21 - some of the most beautiful and thoughtfully developed in the county - will be no longer be suitable for the type of residential or recreational activity that currently exists there. That will be a tremendous loss to those who will be displaced as well as to the quality of life in the county as a whole.

Then I imagined what a fire the magnitude of the one recently experienced would do to an airport and industrial complex on the banks of the Colorado river. I envisioned planes and fuel tanks exploding and unknown toxins filling the air and running downhill towards the river. Such an environmental disaster is too painful to contemplate for long.

Even with the distraction of rebuilding this county, I hope that this Court will remain vigilant regarding the proposed Central Texas Airport and not let anything slip in under the radar while your attention is focused elsewhere.

Finally, I hope that a lesson has been learned in light of the recent destruction that will temper future decisions regarding development. Less is always more.

We all want to keep Bastrop beautiful, liveable and safe and can do just that if priorities are chosen carefully.

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