Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BISD not totally MIA

BISD’s silence regarding the proposed Central Texas Airport has been rather puzzling. It’s not for lack of information. Last spring, StopCTA flyered several BISD meetings. Facts about the proposed project - including the observation that the new Cedar Creek High School is located directly at the end of the runway - were presented to Board Members, parents and other concerned citizens.

But the silence has continued.

Then we discovered that at least one lone voice at BISD has raised concerns about the effects the airport might have. A letter was written to the FAA by BISD Superintendent Steve Murray in March of 2010. As indicated in the letter, Mr. Murray was Deputy Superintendent of Del Valle ISD during the transition from Robert Mueller to ABIA so is aware of the problems that airplanes could bring to the Cedar Creek High School.

We have not yet seen the FAA’s response but understand it side-stepped the concerns presented.

Now if only the School Board would wake up and smell the jet fuel.

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