Friday, March 16, 2012

Cut ‘n run

Last week’s big news was that Ronnie McDonald resigned as County Judge - a position he held for over a decade - to run for US Congress. The Judge chose an interesting time to abandon the county. What will this political opportunism mean for the county . . . assuming that the now Congressional candidate contributed more than presiding at the Commissioners Court sessions and face-time on the media when Bastrop was burning?

The Court has been in a bit of disarray since Lee Dildy’s death nearly a year ago. His wife, having no political aspirations of her own, stepped in somewhat unwillingly to fill his position. So for the last year, the Court has in effect been down a hands-on Commissioner.

Since Commissioner Dildy’s death the Court has had to deal with continuing redistricting uncertainty. And then the Great Fire came. Recovery is ongoing and in need of strong leadership. Great time to have our ‘leader’ abandon ship.

But those of us concerned about the impact that the proposed Central Texas Airport will have on the County’s future have another take on McDonald’s departure. Remember that while the Court unanimously approved entering into the 381 Agreement in June of 2010, the signature that sealed the deal is Ronnie McDonald’s. Now two years later as the first deadline that must be met by the developer is approaching, the person who ‘officially’ inflicted this obligation on the County won’t be here to answer for the mess he’s left as his legacy. Instead he’s chosen to ‘cut ‘n run’ in an attempt to move up the political foodchain.

In the coming months, McDonald’s campaign contribution records will likely provide an interesting read . . .

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