Thursday, April 12, 2012

The spin never stops

The revised Environmental Information Document (EID) continues to provide interesting fodder for commentary on this blog. This little gem beats the well-worn drum of ‘more jobs and economic benefit’ but adds a new twist of predicting unacceptable financial loss to both Bastrop County and the Applicant should the project be abandoned.

“The No-build Alternative would result in adverse economic, social, and financial loss to Bastrop County and the Central Texas region and would eliminate the potential for new jobs being created. Additionally, the abandonment of the project would result in loss of investment by both Bastrop County and the Applicant and would be economically impractical for them.”

One would wonder if it isn’t more ‘impractical’ to keep throwing good money into a project that seems to be on life support and going nowhere. Sometimes the wisest course of action is to take your lumps, cut your losses and pull the plug. Hopefully, the County will figure this out before the proposed CTA becomes an even greater liability . . .

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