Monday, October 8, 2012

Where is he now?

On March 9, 2012 there was an article in the Bastrop Advertiser titled “McDonald chooses Congress”. It has been dormant for several months until this comment was posted on September 27:

Can we have an update on Ronnie McDonald? I cannot find anything current on the web. Thanks.

Stop CTA responded with a comment similar to the following on September 28 but once again it remains “awaiting moderation”:

When StopCTA was checking out Ronnie McDonald’s campaign contributions filed with the Federal Election Committee (FEC), we discovered where he landed after resigning.

On page 7 (of 25) of the JULY QUARTERLY report filed on 07/15/2012, there are two entries where McDonald contributed funds to his campaign totaling just over $53,000. On that form, his employer is listed as McCreary, Vaselka, Bragg and Allen, PC (MBVA) and his occupation as Government Liaison. If MBVA sounds familiar it’s because the firm handles the tax sales for Bastrop as well as other counties in Texas. McDonald’s campaign contribution reports can be accessed from here.

What’s with the Advertiser deciding what facts get out to the community . . . AGAIN?!

Happy to report that the comment was FINALLY released from moderation. However, it is so buried it’s unlikely that anyone will find it.

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