Thursday, July 18, 2013

Deadline or deadlines?

The County’s 381 Agreement for the proposed Central Texas Airport, defines the deadline for 1.) the commencement of construction of airport improvements and 2.) the commencement of construction of commercial improvements for the CTA as June 30, 2012 last year. Those two events share the same deadline.

However, there are those in the Bastrop community who are interpreting the two events with the same due date as two deadlines. StopCTA does not agree with that interpretation and finds it quite confusing. We are of the opinion that a deadline is the date by which an event should occur not the event itself. Sure everyone’s entitled to their opinion but we thought it would be worth a post just in case readers run across a mention of missed ‘deadlines’ for the CTA and end up scratching their heads wondering exactly what the ‘deadlines’ might be. Now you know.

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