Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It gets worse

So now we know that the 381 Agreement with Bastrop County is still alive and well, although in a state of limbo. But hold on . . . it gets worse.

Remember the permit that the USACE issued for the project in June of 2013? Well, we recently, learned that it is good for FIVE years! Not from the actual date of issuance but rather at the end of the fifth year after it was granted. That’s December 31, 2018 . . . 4 1/2 years from now. Does that get your attention?

And here’s another twist . . . at any time during the 5 years, the permit can be sold and/or transferred to another party. The only limitation is that it cannot be altered in any way. Any changes to the plan would require re-permitting.

So it’s time for the good citizens of this County to wake up because this airport fiasco is far from over. Note that terminating the 381 Agreement would not terminate the project although it removes a major financial incentive to proceed. Should private funding become available, it could still be built without County involvement.

So we must remain vigilant and continue to oppose this project in any way possible. Let’s start by getting the 381 Agreement off the books.

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